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Monica Brooks
 Since I was young I had always wanted play an instrument and loved singing songs along with the recorded version on the radio or stereo. Playing music in a band, writing songs and performing those songs, and those great songs of others is a great pleasure to me. With a deep appreciation for all genres of music and a love and admiration of deserving select artists, I have been lucky enough to be able to realize those early dreams and wishes, and for that I am very grateful. “You can not aspire to what you limit yourself to!”
Formerly Monica Taft
Current Happenings:               NH Country Music Association Awards             ** 2015 Female Entertainer of the Year**             ** 2015 Country Songwriter of the Year ** Performing with the Blue Heartache  band in the New England area, playing great Country, Americana, and Rock influenced music at local venues, events, town greens and fairs.  Please visit their website for performance dates or like Blue Heartache on Facebook.
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